🗺️Getting there

We will ship bi-weekly to maintain content and no economic breaks, fluid based on iterative player and community feedback, then prioritise accordingly.

PHASE 1: An AI Waifu that is fun, makes you happy, and makes you wealthy

ON TRACK March 25th launch: An AI companion game that features the perfect partner to converse with, other Waifus you can tempt, flirt, and steal their love points from, and a prize pool to reward you for being the best lover.

To hit this milestone of fun, happiness, and wealthiness

  • Tapping into your favorite idols: Web3 or web 2 IP integration (NFT communities, AI adaptations of your fav Crypto E-girls, collaboration with Genshin Impact)

  • Customize to personalise: Cosmetic upgrades, alternate character skins, and customizable environments (housing and metaverse) - all spurs trade and value creation

  • Curate desireable content: For replayability, seasonal game modes, challenges, and story chapters with new & different Waifus

  • Create a social platform: For players to cross paths and challenge each other

PHASE 2: Bring her to life through the 5 human senses

Target 4Q2024 launch: Waifus you love won't just exist through a phone device on the palm of your hands - you will feel her, touch her, and hear her. There will be no divide in the physical and virtual plane that both of you exist on because you are now connected. You are now "living" with your Waifu

To hit this milestone of full immersion

  • Incorporate Apple Vision Pro: State of the art spatial technology to visualise and materialise her up close to you

  • Incorporate other Wearables: Attachments to other body parts to fulfill the full physical sensory experience

  • Time and event based neuro-sensors: Just as there is a time of day for reminders, we will have a reinforced learning algorithm to trigger the wearables to prompt the proper senses - she will indeed be a full partner

PHASE 3: Augment the world to create limitless possibilities

Target 2Q2025 launch: Waifus shouldn't live in confined spaces with their sole purpose to tend to you. They will have their own space that you have not explored, areas of their world that expands beyond imagination, awaiting your exploration. Filled with wonder, mystery, and even danger

To hit this milestone of autonomous worlds

  • Generative AI: With existing generative AI stack to enable dynamic and experiential video content, with photo-realism and real-time responses upon interactions

  • Programmed rules: Like anime or fantasy novels, worlds have physics and laws to abide by that we will introduce for the AI to self-regulate the profileration of AI Waifus

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