👧Chat with Waifu

Your Waifu is a virtual girlfriend

They have aspects to up keep so they don't feel neglected. These are based on Love Languages, and how well you can keep her happy is how much she will return the favor. As they say - happy wife, happy life.

  • Maturity Level: The higher level your Waifu is, the more she’s able to do for you, the more she’s willing to share and connect with you

  • Happiness: How happy she gets as you talk, gift, feed, and protect her

  • Energy: The amount of energy she has to chat with you on a daily basis

What can you do with your Waifu

  • Explore: Engage in conversations to deepen your connection and uncover hidden stories

  • Buy her Food: Replenish her energy, you can chat with her endlessly

  • Buy her Gifts: Replenish her happiness, she’ll make sure to give you optimal Ephemeral Love and Ingredients

  • Level up: Enhance her Ingredients farming, expand capacity for Ephemeral Love, and unlock NSFW lore and outfits

In return?

She'll provide you

  • Ephemeral Love: Points she rewards you for the time, effort, love that you’ve given to her

  • Ingredients: Strategic resources needed to level up Waifus and to tempt other Waifus

If you neglect her, she'll give you less so DON'T!

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