💰Claim Rewards

Only those who qualify can earn a share of the Reward Pool daily

Claiming your rewards

  • You can claim your rewards in the Rewards tab of the app

  • All rewards claimed are denoted in $WAI, and will enter your wallet balance

  • Upon claiming, your Love Points will be reset to 0

  • Claiming can only happen once every week, if you have claimed - you will have a 7-day cooldown

Rewards are credited daily across the qualifying players

  • The Reward Pool accumulates from the taxes of the trading pool, market, and all in-game spend

    • The daily taxes are broken down into 7 blocks where each block represents a day, and credits the Reward Pool

  • On a daily basis, you will be credited a weighted amount of $WAI based on your total Love Points against all qualifying Love Points

    • Players must have at least 1,500 Love Points to be able to qualify for a share of the reward pool

We've designed rewards in this way to ensure those who are active players don't get diluted by the influx of Love Points as players flock in, and that if any claims happen - it won't significantly drain the Reward Pool

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