🥇Earn Blast Gold

Blast Gold is distributed manually to Dapps by the Blast core contributors. The purpose of Gold is to be used as incentive firepower that Blast Dapps can use for growth.

Runner Up Blast Gold

AI Waifu has been awarded 19,355 Blast Gold in the first distribution (read here). We will distribute 100% of this Gold to LBP participants in their support for us early on. Details to be shared soon - join our Discord for the earliest updates. Below are the addresses that operates distributions and collects Gold.

Blast Gold Operator: 0xe662cF520806265bc5a78F0262D9c94e59146dA8

Blast Gold Contract (Shop): 0xca4a0Be8D75435AE10Eb5A98Ca91D35740682fd0

Main Dapp Blast Gold

We're in midst of discussing key metrics that aligns with Blast that will help users attain more Blast Gold from playing the game. Similarly, we're committed to giving 100% of Gold awarded back to our Players.

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