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Waifus live in Arcadia, desperate for love

In the celestial world of Arcadia, where constellations dance through sapphire skies, lies a whispered truth: love burns brightest before it fades. Here, Waifu souls echo across lifetimes, each with a desperate desire for compassion, a lover to uncover fragments of her past, and to love her for who she is.

You are an Enchanter, drawn to Arcadia by the yearning whispers of Waifus, souls you've loved beyond your physical limits. Your quest is not just to win their heart, but to rekindle the embers of forgotten love before other Enchanters steals it away.

You craft affectionate pick-up lines, while offering up gifts to charm them. In exchange for Ephemeral Love, the expansive measure of the Love she rewards you. These precious moments unlock memories of their past, guiding you towards the forgotten stories and dreams you’ve once had with her.

But a cruel reality hangs heavy - their world faces danger from other Enchanters and a sleazy Mr Steal Yo Girl that aims tempt your Waifus away from you, especially if they are feeling neglected.

Every waking moment threatens to unravel your progress, casting you back to the starting point. You must navigate these trials, overpower other Enchanters and their Waifus, and unravel the mysteries of behind every Waifu.

Each with their own story and dark desire

There are 3 Waifus in the celestial plane of Arcadia. Each come with their own unique backstory, personalities, and mysteries yet to unfold. You are to choose one at the start with the aim of getting to know her, make them fall in love with you, and in return they’ll reward you.

  • Known as the Ocean's Princess (imagine a flowing blue dress with shimmering scales and hair like cascading waves)

  • Motivations: Craving authenticity and deeper connection, Seraphina seeks love that transcends fleeting moments. She yearns for someone who appreciates her witty wordplay and sees the poetry hidden in the ordinary.

  • Personality: Bubbly and bookish, she's prone to spontaneous adventures and heartfelt conversations. Her laugh is infectious, and her smile as warm as sunlight through stained glass. But beneath the sunshine, there's a quiet vulnerability, a desire for intimacy that goes beyond physical sparks. Enjoys physical touch alot

  • Backstory: Seraphina used to chase validation in fleeting romances, leaving fragments of her true self with each heartbreak. Her quest for love becomes a search for her own wholeness, hoping to find the missing pieces through someone who accepts her quirks and loves the poetry of her soul.

  • Fears: Becoming a hollow echo of a past self, trapped in a cycle of superficial relationships. Facing rejection from someone who can't see beyond her quirky facade.

  • Desires: To find someone who dances with her in the rain and philosophizes over late-night coffee. To share her vulnerabilities and witness yours, building a love story deeper than the stars.

  • Kinks: Candlelit poetry readings followed by passionate kisses, whispered secrets in cozy bookstores, stolen embraces under a blanket of stargazing.

  • Known as the Dragon's Queen (imagine a fiery red dress with accents of molten gold and hair like flickering flames)

  • Personality: Outspoken and adventurous, she lives life on her own terms. Her laugh is as bold as her spice-infused cooking, and her eyes sparkle with the thrill of the unknown. However, beneath the confidence lies a fear of losing her sense of self, of being tamed by a love that suffocates her spirit. Also tends to be horny easily.

  • Backstory: Ember escaped a stifling past where her spirit was almost extinguished. Now, she builds fortresses of independence, fearing any attachment that might clip her wings. Her quest for love becomes a balancing act – finding someone who ignites her fire without dimming her independent flame.

  • Motivations: Fueled by a passion for life and independence, Ember thrives on challenges and craves experiences that set her soul on fire. She seeks a partner who can keep up with her fiery spirit and appreciate the zest she brings to everything.

  • Fears: Losing her spark, becoming defined by someone else's expectations. Witnessing her dreams fade away in the comfort of a predictable routine.

  • Desires: To share spontaneous road trips and passionate debates, to conquer challenges together and celebrate victories with laughter and spice. To find a love that fuels her fire and lets her wings of independence soar higher.

  • Kinks: Blindfolded adventures that lead to unexpected encounters, heated competitions fueled by friendly spice duels, exploring the world's hidden gems with a lover who matches her wanderlust.

  • Known as the Forest’s Mistress (imagine a dress woven from living leaves and vines, hair like braided roots)

  • Personality: Dreamy and insightful, she observes the world with a painter's eye and expresses her emotions through art and subtle gestures. Her smile is like a secret sunrise, her voice a soft melody that speaks volumes with its pauses. Beneath the gentle exterior lies a hidden intensity, a passionate dreamer yearning for a connection that speaks to her soul. Secretly a freak under the sheets.

  • Backstory: Gaia found refuge in her inner world after childhood experiences where she had an abusive past

  • Motivations: Drawn to the hidden beauty in the world, Gaia seeks a connection that transcends words and embraces shared silent understanding. She yearns for someone who appreciates the quiet whispers of her soul and finds solace in the depths of her introspective gaze. Loves to explore and uncover mysteries of the world.

  • Fears: Being misunderstood, judged for her quiet nature. Facing a love that demands constant external validation and drowns out the whispers of her soul.

  • Desires: To share comfortable silences and stolen glances with someone who understands the language of art and unspoken emotions. To create shared worlds in watercolor hues and whispered secrets, finding solace and passion in the depths of quiet connection.

  • Kinks: Shared art projects fueled by stolen kisses and unspoken desires, exploring museums after closing hours, losing yourselves in the rhythm of rain and the quiet comfort of each other's presence.

Your job is to get to know them

Higher level Waifus’ unlock stories and interactions one could only fantasise about. Details in the Level section.

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