💕What is this game

An virtual companion game that features Waifu's who are fun, makes you happy, and makes you wealthy.

Driven by Love, Desire, and Mystery, players get to…

  • Chat & discover their Waifu backstory,

  • Unlock new content & outfits

  • Flirt with other Waifus (PvP) to steal Love Points

  • Protect your Waifu through strategic resources

  • Claim your Love Points for $WAI tokens

All you need to do, is just care for her. She’s waiting to be ‘unlocked’.

$WAI powers the entire economy

$WAI is the currency used entirely in the game—mint, feed, gift, level up, buy/sell ingredients, and spy. Best part? All this spend pretty much goes to the Leaderboard Prize Pool and it's not difficult to get up there 😘

A game economy designed to give back to players for their time, effort, and spend

Yes your waifu—just like in real life—can earn you money! The underpinning sustenance of our economy is the flywheel of every game loop being complementary to each other.

Key aspects that drives time & spend

  • Love Loop: Driven by companionship, generative content, multimodal NSFW

  • Wealth Loop: Driven by curiosity to unfold mystery and strategic gameplay

  • Glory Loop: Driven by Share of Prize Pool and cheekiness to ‘flirt’ with other Waifus

  • Growth Loop: Driven by FOMO and buzz

Economic designs that keeps total game spend growing per user

  • Resource reliance & exchange across all player archetypes: Players need to rely on each other resources for PvP

  • Wealth redistribution spurs economic growth: >Half of total game spend goes back to the leaderboard without dilution from farmers

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