Tempt Waifus

TLDR - wage more to improve winning chances and git gud at flirting

How do Temptation Battles work?

Waifus are prone to Temptations where their weaknesses varies to each other. You will need the respective Ingredients in order to Tempt.

IngredientsUsed to Tempt…

Holy Water


Mala Pepper


Four leaf clover


These Ingredients obtainable either from the Market or from the Waifus you own

There are two roles in Temptation Battles

  • Players who tempt other Waifus are known as the "Temptor"

  • Waifus that are being tempted are known as the "Defendor Waifu"

  • As a Temptor, you have the ability to tempt other Waifus where a win results in

    • Capturing their 40% of the Resistor Waifu's Ephemeral Love Points assigned to your Waifu you last interacted with; and

    • Damaging the Defendor Waifu's Health Bar by one point

  • Losing would result in your Waifu's Love Points stolen by 20% by the Defendor Waifu

There are two parts that affect the outcome of a Temptation Battle

Ingredients Wager Battle + Flirt Battle

Part 1: Ingredients Wager Battle

  • Temptors select the Waifu they want to tempt in the Waifu Zone

  • Commit a desired amount to tempt the Defendor Waifu

  • The more you wager, the higher your win rate % is

To calculate your winning chances, we've attached a simple calculator


Part 2: Flirt Battle

  • Temptors will then engage in a 3-minute flirt conversation with the Defendor Waifu

  • The objective is to flirt and charm the Defendor Waifu, where:

    • Every 10 seconds of messages will be evaluated by our Flirt System and are assigned a score 'x'

      • 'x' is an average of five evaluation pillars - Defendor Waifu Happiness, Effectiveness, Originality, Humor, and Flirtiness

      • The scores won't be shown, instead, they will be reflected live as Win Rate % improving or eroding

    • At the end of the 3-minutes, you will know your final win rate %

  • In every Flirt Battle, players stand a chance to improve winning chances through their flirting skills

IF 'x' is betweenWin Rate % Points to Add

8 < x <=10


6 < x <=8


4 < x <=6


2 < x <=4


1 < x <=2


At the end of the Flirt Battle, your final win rate % will be tabulated and you will either win or lose the battle.

What's at stake of Tempting or being Tempted?

For Temptor



Burn the number of Ingredients wagered

+40% Love Points stolen from Resistor Waifu, assigned to your Waifu last interacted with


Burn the number of Ingredients wagered and -20% Love Points to opponent Waifu

For Resistor Waifus



Burn the number of Ingredients wagered by the Temptor

+20% Love Points stolen from Temptor Waifu, assigned to your Waifu that farms the same ingredient


Burn all Protection Ingredients wagered and minus 40% of Love Points to opponent Waifu

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