Being a Stand Out

Against AI companion comps

Hyper-personalised and immersive via multimodal inputs and outputs: Most AI companions or chatbots stop at low hanging fruits which are just chatbots. AI Waifu is visual with 3D models that respond to voice and text with emotions and animations; a voice component with natural syntax, and a variety of personalities through a level system that switches character cards

Never gets boring: Most AI companions plateau from repetitive style of content via the responses of the chat. AI Waifu has a meta, financial, and flirt skill based game that's complementary to the core loop. Imagine flirting with other Waifus to steal love points, that activity feeds back to your Waifu and she gets jealous. Players are motivated to gain the most love points to earn, while practicing their flirt game, and managing jealousy of your main Waifu.

Against web2 games

Cross platform and genre: Traditional games take forever to build, siloed on singular platforms, and copy paste genres with different skins. AI Waifu is a PWA that's cross platform, with a crypto-enabled economic design that allows for co-ownership, and for their spend to be rewarded back as revenue share vs devs keeping everything

Against web3 games

Circular and player driven economy: AI Waifu isn't an inflationary token game that incentivises extraction. It's design features a strong PvP loop required to earn, and the needed strategic trade to gain edge in the game. This frequent trade forces whales to buy from farmers to stay on top where the rewards are at.

F2P but with yields: Should you desire a full fledge companion app like much of any competitor but better, you can deposit to access them and earn Blast native yields while you're at it.

Against opportunities in crypto or AI

DeAI x Gaming x Crypto: Our AI models are open-sourced, co-owned, and curated by communities where quality of the models a facilitated with crypto incentives as a design to coordinate the best outcome.

Forefront of AI: In general we push the boundaries of incorporating as much generative AI to keep content dynamic, where the future for us includes autonomous worlds of Waifus - almost like digital Thailand.

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