Smart contract safety audit

Our smart contracts have been audited by PeckShield as of March 5th 2024. Note we changed our token name to $WAI.









Wallet security

Our login is powered by Privy, they are the leading authentication, authorization and data control tooling for web3 DApps. They are backed by Paradigm, Sequoia, Electric Capital, Archetype and many more. Below is an excerpt of their security measures. Details in the docs

The security of your users' data and digital assets is our top priority at Privy. We recognize our role as a critical dependency for our customers' apps and greatly appreciate the responsibility that comes with that.

Privy's internal architecture and infrastructure has gone through several rounds of security reviews, audits, and pentesting, which you can read more about here. We treat security as a constantly-moving target, and undergo these reviews and audits on a regular basis to surface and address new issues.

Implementing, maintaining, and testing security in your app is a huge undertaking. We've taken careful effort to use the best practices for securing your users' data and digital assets.

For context, we have also disabled 'Export Wallet' feature as of now. We will switch this on with 2FA after we ship a couple of other features.

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