😁Right to win

Put it this way — we started Jan 2024, shipped working product in <2 months, won Runner Up in Blast Big Bang, raised $6.4M from 1.5k lovers, game launching by end March. Who does this?

We raised $6.4M in one of the fairest launch, details at https://faq.aiwaifu.gg

Team was incubated by @virtuals_io, an AI Gaming protocol backed by @DeFianceCapital and @BuildOnBeam. Virtual Protocol is well-capitalized with a >$18mm treasury, and will continue to build new use cases in AI Gaming, details at https://x.com/aiwaifugg/status/1761955788900426041?s=20

With >30 years of experience in web3 game economy design, venture capital, management consulting, fintech, AI, and startups. We’ve refined our venture playbooks, composed tech modules, and accumulated the right distribution network to go to market. Speed to scale & market truth is in our culture.

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