We’ve designed our tokenomics with long term accretive value in mind, complementary to the game economy, loops, and future phases

Token Details

  • Token Name: AIWAIFU

  • Symbol: $WAI

  • Chain: Blast

  • Total Token Supply: 100,000,000

  • Contract Address: 0x129ed667bf8C065fE5f66c9b44B7cB0126D85cC3

Distribution Table

Token Design of $WAI for Max Value Accrual

  • Single token, $WAI that acts both as a ownership and utility token (in-game use)

    • $WAI is used as a currency of exchange in the AI Waifu app for all actions and swaps

    • $WAI serves also as the ownership token to allow decentralised governance in the future AI Waifu’s development which extends beyond a consumer app (Phase 2)

  • Fixed total supply at 100M with discretionary buyback either for

    • strategic burns to ensure deflationary & value protection

    • future team members tokens as greater stake to realise vision (vests will re-apply)

Future Value

If you're a veteran in web3 or web2, you know all sources of value comes from paying demand. On top of web3 revenues earned, the long term end-state will include new revenue streams that sync well with our game and ecosystem

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